The Slideshow application will allow you manage the slider on your website.

Slides listing

The list contains all the slides created on your website. It gives you a rapid view of:

  • Title
  • Legend
  • Image
  • Position
  • Last modification

The action button Edit allows you to edit or delete a page (according to permissions granted by your administrator).

Add a slide

Click on the Add a slide button to create a new slide.

  • Title*: Start by indicating the title
  • Legend: Input a short description of your slide.
  • URL: Define an URL to redirect to an other page.
  • Image (PNG or JPEG)*: It cannot exceed 2 MB.


Configuration tab, allows you to configure your slider.

  • Enable slides autoplaying: Enable automatic slide changes.

When you decide to enable slides autoplaying, you can edit these two parameters:

  • Pause time between two slides (ms): the default value is 4000 ms.
  • Transition time between two slides (ms): the default value is 500 ms.

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