The Team application allows you to create profiles members for your team.

Members listing

The list contains all the members created on your team. It gives you a rapid view of:

  • Name
  • Position
  • Order
  • Date

The action button Edit allows you to edit or delete a member (according to permissions granted by your administrator).


By default the members of your team are ordered by ID. But if you want you can reorder it. You just need to drag and drop a selected line before an other.

Add a member

Click on the Add a member button to create a new member.

  • Name: More often it is fill with the First Name and last name but you can also give a nickname.
  • Position: Fill with the member position in your organization or team.
  • Description: This field is actually not use in the front page. It's just here for SEO.
  • Email: Member email's.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn member page's.
  • Twitter: Twitter member page's.
  • Image: An image who as representative of the member.
  • Hovering Image: The second image appear when you hovering it.

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