The User application let you manage your website's registration process and all the user accounts.

User listing

This list contains all registered users. It gives you a rapid view of:

  • ID
  • Nickname: used to log in
  • Group
  • Last connection

The action button Edit allow you to edit or delete a user (according to permissions granted by your administrator). The bloc search at the right allows you to make a fast search when you need to find a user.

Add a user

Click on the Add a user button,to create a new user. By default the registration are opened to any person who visits your website.

  • Nickname
  • Password
  • Password (confirmation)
  • Email*: if the user needs to recover his personal code (nickname and password).
  • First name: (optional).
  • Last name: (optional).
  • Group: if you want define a group for specific access rights.
  • User Rights: Regular user / Supreme Admin / Custom rights access.

Right access table

For each app, you can toggle a given access right.

  • Contact: Admin
  • News: Writer / Category_manager / Moderator
  • Newsletter: Admin
  • Page: Admin / Writer / Moderator
  • Settings: Admin
  • Slideshow: Admin
  • Team: Admin
  • User: Admin / Add / Edit / Delete / Group_manager / Config


User application allows you to create groups, to define specific profile permission.

Give a name, and define the associated right you want for the group.


Manage the registration process.

  • Enable user account validation by an admin: user account validation is not automatic, an admin need to validate account one by one.
  • At registration, send email to confirm the email address: an email is automatically sent to confirm the email address before creating an account.
  • Keep deleted and refused accounts in the database disabling them: the database keep all accounts created, even after deletion.
  • Open registration: people have access to the registration form from the front office.
  • Send a user account summary by mail: send a summary of the subscription to the user after account creation.

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