Architecture and Workflow

The next slide describes the workflow of the v0.5:

All wityCMS kernel is located in the folder system/WCore.

The rendering mechanism when a URL is called is quite simple:

  1. The WMain class will handle the whole workflow;
  2. The WRetriever class will have the responsibility to deal with applications (composed with a Controller, a Model and a View);
  3. The application output is given to WResponse which will send it to the browser in HTML or JSON format.


WTemplate is the templating engine of wityCMS. Its files are located in system/WTemplate.


WSystem is a factory that contains instance of some core classes:

  • WTemplate: templating engine
  • WDatabase: extension of PHP PDO clas to interact with the MySQL database
  • WSession: class that manages the user session


wityCMS offers some class tools in its kernel:

  • WRequest: a class to deal with user input ($_POST, $_GET, $_REQUEST variables)
  • WConfig: a class to get and store configuration (route, database, config)
  • WRoute: a class to manage the URL
  • WLang: a class to manage i18n (internationalization)
  • WNote: a class to display notes to the user (info, success, danger)
  • WDate: extension to PHP DateTime to handle dates coming from the database
  • WTools: some useful functions
  • WExport: a class to export data into CSV

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