Administration and Settings

wityCMS comes with an administration panel accessible through the URL. If needed, you will be invited to login (Identifier and password) with your admin account:

Dashboard description

Your administration panel is divided into five areas:

  1. The website name which is also a link to the front office
  2. The application selector
  3. A logout button to disconnect your account
  4. The application menu to access to the different sections of your application
  5. The content area to edit your news, pages etc.


The Settings application will allow you to configure general settings of your website.


General - it is the main configuration of your website.

  • Website's name: it is the name you need to give at your website to define your activity.
  • website's base URL: it is the Uniform Resource Locator who give acces to your website. By default, this field is pre-filled.
  • Time zone*: By default, the Time Zone is always (UTC + 01: 00) Paris.
  • favicon (.ico): The favicon used in the address bar, bookmarks, tabs, or other shortcuts. More often, it is the logo of your company or a graphic that represents the activity of your website.
  • Default Theme: Choose the theme for your website. The field is always pre-filled with the basic theme "grafx".
  • Google Analytics: Fill with your google analytics ID.
  • Version: Version number of your website (useful to recharge the CSS / JavaScript in the browser resource).
  • Debug mode: Display or not the errors.
  • Anti flood mode: Prevent user from resubmitting a form more than one time.

Default applications

  • Default application: The default application is the first application executed by wityCMS. It will be displayed when a visitor connects to the root page of your website. For instance, if you want to create a blog, we advise you to select the News application.

  • Default application in admin: The main admin application is the first application loaded when you open the administration. We advise you to select the application you will mainly use (user or news for instance).

When finished, you just need to submit and your website get the minimal configuration.

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