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wityCMS is an open source software, a Content Management System. It is built using the PHP technology. Easy to use, the software allows the website building (from a dozen to a hundred pages). Our tool is frequently used for corporate websites, promoting websites for a product, team or organization. wityCMS also edit blogs websites or article based on editorial contents, etc.

wityCMS has everything you need to satisfy beginners users who would like to create and manage their own website, instead of falling back on proprietary software or complex and expensive web publishers with a mastery of HTML and CSS programming languages. With wityCMS, you have a content management software easy to download and install. Which offers designed themes (you are free to feed the library themes offered by wityCMS).

You are a professional web developer or a technician? You will also be seduced by wityCMS if you want to have a complete a control over the layout or if you want an easy to use CMS with extensible tools. In this case, wityCMS is made for you. Moreover, wityCMS includes all you need for search engine optimization (SEO), with a semantically structured website. It has an excellent platform adapted to all sorts of projects - from simple blogs to sophisticated websites (such as Quantel Medical). The limits of wityCMS only depend on the imagination of developers and designers to create themes, extensions, and content.

wityCMS strengths

  • Easy to learn and manage.
  • Effective and able to build different kind of websites such as blogs, corporate and promoting websites.
  • Developers can count on an efficient and flexible solution, with its inter-application communication.
  • Used by a growing community (References).
  • Multilingual set up.

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