All wityCMS themes are contained in the folder themes.

The current theme is defined in the main configuration file : system/config/config.php. Just replace "grafx" by your theme name.

$config = array(
  'base'             => 'https://www.mysite.com',
  'name'             => 'wityCMS',
  'page_title'       => 'wityCMS',
  'page_description' => '',
  'theme'            => 'grafx',
  'timezone'         => 'Europe/Paris',
  'email'            => 'contact@mysite.com',
  'debug'            => true

wityCMS uses its own templating system, named WTemplate, developed as a separate GitHub project but included here as a submodule.

Theming in wityCMS is easy. All you need is some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP.

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